Sales Campaign Builder Programme

Developing sales campaigns to drive sustainable revenue growth within your organisation

Welcome to the Sales Campaign Builder Programme!


Less than 100% happy with how your sales campaigns are faring?


Are you even running structured sales campaigns at all?


Whether you have recently bought your business and are looking to be more proactive but are unsure how you get started with developing an outbound approach


Or are a scaling business looking to accelerate your growth further having tried numerous approaches with mixed results


It may be time for you to take some action and that's certainly something I can help you on to find out how



Work with me on the Sales Campaign Builder programme to put the structures and processes in place to hit your sales targets and achieve your revenue goals


Having defined your 4 Programme Success Parameters:

  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Target Buyer Persona
  • Sales Process
  • Key Performance Indicators

We will then embark on a programme of activities required to edge you towards your campaign goals. 


Collaborating with you to build a sustainable model for growth by applying our Revenue First approach.

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"Go from winging it to bossing it"


Develop the clarity, confidence and competence to scale your sales operations


In this facilitated programme we will cover:

Developing your sales mindset

Prospecting: Lead Identification &          Targeting

Lead Qualification & Disqualification

Objection Handling & Negotiaton

Implementing Lead Magnet into your campaign activity

Sales Process & Pipeline Management

Time Management & Productivity

Sales Systems, Tools & Collateral            Development & Deployment

Sales Dashboard & Reporting


Explore and expand existing

opportunities within your business


Develop suitable campaigns to boost your revenue generation capability


Optimise campaign performance

for better results

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