I work with business leaders and entrepreneurs to finetune their sales strategy and implement sales campaigns to enable them to create a pipeline of sales qualified opportunities for their organisations.

With 25 years of B2B sales experience in corporate and SME environments as both a direct employee and a freelancer I have developed and adapted my approach to the sales process to align with the evolution of the customer journey.


The aim is to be a catalyst for my clients success and to deliver a significant return on their investment.

Increasingly I've noticed more business leaders investing time and money in developing their sales plans and then leaving them to gather dust as they often don't have the know how or bandwidth to implement them.

Then there are others who are winging it and leaving their sales to chance or are relying on outdated processes that don't have the same impact as they used to.

I’m able to deliver a solution to address these (and other) challenges head on or enable the entrepreneur to achieve their goals by providing them with clarity, confidence and competence to implement their go-to-market plans.

Helming a business is tough with many areas requiring attention so it's only natural that opportunities and potential can go to waste. My aim to support businesses fix this and provide them with a strong platform for growth.


There will always be challenges in business that are beyond our control but with a clear strategy and a way to execute it well, we can mitigate some of the risks we encounter and put our best foot forward to achieve our commercial goals.

If you want to know more in the context of your business, let’s set up a meeting to determine the support you require and whether I am able to help you with that.

Don’t let these opportunities pass you by, take action and aim high!


"Knowledge is power: You hear it all the time but knowledge is not power. It's only potential power. It only becomes power when we apply it and use it."

My Mission

At Integrow Sales, my mission is to be the catalyst for my clients' sales growth and business success. I'm committed to driving measurable results, leveraging my expertise, and fostering strong partnerships to create a lasting impact. By igniting sales potential and empowering businesses, I aim to shape the sales landscape and transform the companies I work with.

My Vision

My vision is to redefine the art of sales, revolutionising the way businesses engage with their customers and achieve exceptional growth. I strive to be the go-to sales agency renowned for delivering innovative approaches and methodologies, providing outstanding service, and ensuring unwavering commitment to my client's success. By constantly pushing boundaries and delivering tangible value, I aspire to set new standards in the sales industry.


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