Managed Sales Campaigns

Let's get you talking to your ideal clients so allow us to set up those conversations for you

Our Managed Sales Campaigns are a programme of activity that we undertake on your behalf to set up conversations with your ideal clients.


It's been designed for scaling businesses without the resources of bandwidth to undertake the rigorous sales campaign activity required to grow their business.


A managed sales campaign can be tailored to your specific goals and objectives, whether that's to:


Embed a process that's fit for purpose and sets up conversations with your target buyer


Or that enables you to explore and penetrate new markets or launch new products


Or reignite growth that may have stagnated owning to operating in mature markets


Or you might have commissioned a sales playbook from a consultancy but don't have the resources or bandwidth available to implement it and test its ability to deliver for your business. 


We work with you to deliver a sales campaign that will provide you with consistent sales opportunities with your target audience.


Focus on what you do best and allow us to do the rest!

My Philosophy

No one can deny that traditional sales outreach is hard and likely to get more challenging.


That's not to say it can't be an effective way start conversations


Modern buyers engage with potential vendors in numerous different ways according to individual preference, whether that's via social media, emails and the phone - oh yes, people still use them things and often appreciate a call. If of course it's treated with the respect it deserves.


You may have come across the statistic that only 5% of your target market is ever in market for your solution at any one time but bearing in mind what the value of a new client could be worth - it is surely still a prize worth pursuing. And if they are considering their options, the way they are approached could be a significant differentiator.


As for the other 95%, by being proactive means that at least you can get on their radar for when they are looking to address a problem that you can help them solve. This is when you can let your marketing take over and put you in prome position for when they are ready so buy - so what's not to love about running a campaign?


But here's the rub, the modern buying process has become increasingly complex with more people involved in the decision and more channels in which to engage with them meaning you have to be super smart with your messaging and super focused with your actions.


This is something I can certainly help you with.



A Simple Process

Outlined below are the steps we take to ensure your sales campaign is a success. 

Campaign Strategy Development


We start by articulating your ideal target client and how we can align your value proposition to meet their goals and challenges.


We also evaluate your supporting processes and materials to ensure maximum impact from the campaign activity

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Campaign Design & Execution


Using the strategy piece to guide the campaign we then embark on putting the systems in place to launch the sales campaign.


Once complete we kick start the campaign with results achievable from day 1.

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Campaign Review & Refinement


Regular reviews are undertaken to communicate progress and make incremental revisions if required.


This allows us to understand what works (and what doesn't) so we can optimise our chance of success and make progress.

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"Sian worked with Cambridge Mask Co for several years as a key part of our hectic B2B sales team. She has an incredible tenacity - politely yet firmly getting engagement from prospects and closing them.

She on-boarded Cycle Surgery as well as many other international distribution partners from all over the world. She also initiated a conversation with global brand Brompton Bikes.

Our investment in her services generated returns in excess of 10x for the business. Highly recommended."

Chris dobbing

CEO, Cambridge Mask Company

We engaged Sian to reach out for us on a new business campaign. In a very short space of time she had successfully made contact with hundreds of prospects and turned some into warm leads. She also offered informative and thoughtful reviews and feedback sessions. Would definitely recommend and work with her again.

Mark reid

Director, TECD Solutions Ltd