LinkedIn Posting

To post or not to post on LinkedIn - What's stopping you?

We've all heard the mantra, "To succeed in business you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable".


One of the areas many business owners struggle with is posting content on LinkedIn.


As we all know, LinkedIn is the number one social platform for businesses, so to leverage the potential reach, we have to become more visible.


Another truth is that getting the attention of your target buyer is one of the biggest challenges many businesses will have with their marketing.


Yesterday I was doing a talk on LinkedIn to my networking group and I could see the fear on their faces as I was making this point.


The point is, everyone - even the most seasoned poster on LinkedIn will have that nagging voice in the back of their minds questioning whether what they're about to share is good enough. That is, if they've had an idea of what to post at all!


Many people struggle with coming up with ideas that others think are good enough. If this sounds like you, you are not alone.


And once they have taken action and created a post, they then wait for feedback. That is if anyone decides to engage with what they've shared.


Depending on the nature of the post, you're either going to get raving supporters or massive detractors.


We have seen an increasing number of posts where people are becoming a bit more candid about their experiences - specifically personal ones. Maybe sharing images of high emotion.


Surprisingly enough for a business platform, these posts tend to perform significantly better than your standard business communications.


BUT you will get a great many people slating these posts saying they have no place on LinkedIn.


I've heard those comments.


So let me ask, does this matter?


Not at all.


Which side of the argument is right? That is the share your experiences and make it personal tribe v keep this about all about the business tribe.


The reality is they both are and both tribes can be equally aggressive about the other.


At the end of the day, it doesn't matter which side of the fence you reside on you will have support on both.


Equally, it doesn't matter if one group doesn't like what you say, there will be many others that do and if you try and target both you will fail.


People pleasers don't tend to fare well in life and business.


So if the reason for not posting is around the fear of what people think, then you'll probably find you're doing a disservice to those who may find your stuff valuable - because there will be those who do.


You just have to find your tribe & vibe. There are enough people out there who belong in it.


So good luck and happy sharing!


And share your thoughts on the topic.