Component Manufacturing Company seeks assistance with developing a proactive sales strategy after a recent management buyout.



Teklagraf is a family-run company that specialise in the manufacture of polycarbonate, vinyl and metal labels, placards and decals for the aerospace, marine and defence industries. Established in 1999, they have a proven track record in supplying excellent quality products to specification, using the latest machines and finishing techniques.


Client: Teklagraf Ltd


Industry: Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing


Service used: Sales Strategy Session


* Clarity in terms of their Goals, Core Value Proposition and Target Market/Buyer
* An understanding of their go-to-market strategy and sales channels
* An actionable documented plan to enable them to achieve their growth potential


The Problem/Goal

The team at Teklagraf prides themselves on assisting their customers to find the right product and material for the specific project in hand.


Their customers include some of the biggest names in aerospace, so they understand the demands and exacting standards of the industry meaning they need to ensure their finished products are fit for purpose and delivered faultlessly and on time.


Having recently undergone a management buyout the leadership team were aware that they already had a a database of loyal customers from their analysis it seemed they were mostly relying on orders coming in for their revenue.


However, in order to grow the business they needed to develop a proactive business development model and their go to market strategies to increase their clientbase and revenue streams. This is why they chose to focus on their sales strategy.


Had they continued to follow the model they bought into, the business will have at best been making them a moderate income but in the worse case scenario could have gone into decline as both market conditions and their competitors would have seen client numbers decline.


Furthermore, the two new owners, Ben and Carl, wanted the business to deliver them a decent lifestyle and allow them to pursue additional commercial goals going forward yet the existing status quo would have prohibited them from doing that.


From there, the goal had been established. What plan can we put in place to support them meet their commercial and personal goals of developing a business they can scale to enable them to spend more time on what they enjoy doing?


The Solution

Ben Whitwell, MD at Teklagraf first came on my radar having met him at a networking event. Having had a conversation with him, it became clear that he wanted to find out more about what I did and how I could support their business growth.


Having discussed the options available, Ben decided they wanted to articulate their sales strategy in the first instance.


What stood out about what I was offering was that I took time to understand their challenges and aspirations and was able to put together a strategy session that would help them meet those challenges head-on.


From there I provided them with a couple of options tailored towards the level of support they require. From there they initially went with the sales strategy session.


What they could expect from the strategy session they opted for was a comprehensive plan fit for implementation allowing them to develop a systematic approach to building their sales pipeline, converting opportunities into sales and delivering customer success to improve retention rates.


The Results


What they said:


“The session was as we expected – we needed sales expertise and a lot of guidance to set up our sales strategy. Sian had that and took us through the process at a speed that suited us. Where we needed things explained further, Sian did that really well – her vast experience was obvious! By having this session, we have now articulated our goals and have a clear far to reaching the targets we've set.


The session was really helpful. Our sales strategy was non-existent so we were very much starting from scratch. Sian teased out the information we had, asked questions that we hadn't considered and filled in the gaps of our knowledge with her own. We've now got a strong strategy and toolkit to press forward with our sales and be much more proactive.


Did it represent value for money? Yes, the strategy cost us the average order value, so we only need to get one new order in to break even!”


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