Edward Martin Computer Services

Sales process development including a lead generation campaign for Edward Martin Computer Services, a Somerset based provider of IT solutions


Having recently undergone a new management buyout the scope of the project was to develop a sales process for a business that had been built from the previous owner’s business networks and referrals 


A Business Snapshot

Edward Martin Computer Services Ltd. is a supplier of IT-related products and services. They’ve been trading since 1995 and were incorporated in 2016. 


Having recently undergone a new management buyout in 2021 the new owner, James Richmond, was looking to develop a sales process for a business that had been built from the previous owner’s business networks and referrals.


The aim is to become more proactive with their business development to meet James Richmond’s ambitious growth plans.


Summary Detail

Client: Edward Martin Computer Services
Industry: Computer Hardware & IT Software
Products/Services used: 
Sales Effectiveness Audit & Strategy Development 
CRM Set up & Implementation
Sales Campaign Development
Outbound Sales Activity including Telemarketing


1. Clear Sales Plan & Structure in Place
2. System Set up, Sales Tools Deployed and Basic Sales Collateral Created and Tested
3. Sales Pipeline up and Running with Sales Qualified Leads Generated


The problem/goal

Edward Martin Computer Services was set up in 1995 and has built up a reputation as a trusted service provider in the local area. 


Its founder, Edward Martin, had developed a loyal customer base from his local business community leading him to eventually incorporating it in 2016. 


Looking to exit the business he sold it on to James Richmond who has established and grown numerous businesses throughout his career.


Now at the helm of the business, James decided he wanted to develop a formalised sales department with the ability to scale. He has set ambitious targets over the next few years to get him to the stage he wants to be. 


With a strong technical background he recognised he needed someone with the commercial experience to bring about his vision.


In addition to achieving the growth plans that James had set, he recognised that without developing a formalised sales infrastructure the company would be vilnerable to decline from natural attrition of their customer base. 


He knew he had to take action because if they didn’t move forwards then they would in fact be at risk of going under. Furthermore, the personal consequences of not taking action would be significant.


The solution & context

James and I got talking after an introduction through a network contact and after several conversations he discovered how his business challenge aligned with my customer value proposition


Simply put, they chose me because I had a full grasp of the challenges they faced and the requirements they had going forward.


Most conversations with other service providers centred around their transactional needs whereas my proposal included setting up a strong foundation to growth starting with the basics.


It wasn’t so much what I said but the way I approach my work. As the fact that the activity was centred around driving tangible outcomes.


They opted for a light sales enablement programme starting with my sales effectiveness audit to fully understand where they were at and what they need to do to move forward. This progressed onto setting up their sales systems and getting started with reaching out to their target market.


We are still in the early days but so far have had the opportunity to quote for a significantly sized full EPOS installation project as well as other conversations due to take place.


The results

As mentioned previously they now have a sales pipeline in development with several qualified conversations taking place.


The trial approach undertaken is being rolled out to their wider team to build momentum and add to their pipeline of opportunities.


As a result of this work they now have a solid foundation for growth which can be built on going forward.


The core benefit of the work completed so far is that they have started to develop a sales culture that wasn’t there previously and have the confidence to proceed.



Having undertaken this work we are confident that we have a rudimentary outbound sales playbook in place that can be built on to enable the business to scale.


This will open the door to other business development avenues including initiating an inbound sales process.


If you would like to find out how this process would work in your business then send an email to me on hello@integrowsales.co.uk